The Idea Behind the Blog (my WHY)

As a college student, I’ve spent much of my college career worrying about what I was going to do with my life. At first, this seemed like a really large task. It also felt like I needed to know what I would be doing for the rest of my life ASAP. It makes me cringe just thinking about all of the stressing I did.

Over the past year I have found a great sense of peace. I began talking with mentors and friends about their journeys and what they did to overcome their fears. It helped so much to simply talk to others about how they got where they are. My favorite “ah-ha!” moment was when I realized that even my older mentors still are searching for their place in life! How cool is that!?

I am just starting my last year of college and am content with where I am. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do however, I do have a sense of where I am headed. I believe now that I at least have the right stepping stones to get to wherever I am going as long as I keep my WHY in mind the whole time.

My hope with this blog is to help other young, old, or even lost adults in their life journeys. Life can seem like a big deal, if we allow it. But, if we start taking more responsibility for the things we can control, our WHYs/missions/purposes/actions, and let go of the things we cannot control, life will begin to take shape.

I know it helped me to get my ideas out there and talk to people about their journeys.

Thanks for taking the time to grow with me.

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