Courage to Connect with Sahera Chohan

“With surrender you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.”  


This week’s episode is our second conversation with the Whitten and Roy Partnership team. If you were around a year ago, you might recall conversations with Scott Roy and Roy Whitten (the CEOs of WRP). We have now joined up for a special collaboration to bring you the stories and journeys of the humans that make up their company.


“We are capable of much more than we think.”


On this episode, Sahera Chohan takes us into her journey of surrender, connection, and self love. Sahera has lived a pretty successful life as a writer, coach, consultant, and a TV presenter and show host. She has continued to grow personally and professionally and began at an early age. Working in television as a broadcaster on the BBC, she learned to have courage to reach her most ambitious goals. However, her courage would be tested later in life as devastation struck her family. About 18 years ago, Sahera’s husband took his own life. This event left Sahera in a state of pain and suffering that led to some of her greatest gifts in life.


Enjoy Sahera’s Journey!


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