Pursuing Love with Alex Lewis

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“You don’t have to say a lot to mean a lot.” Founder and Chief Sharer of Car Window Poetry, Alex Lewis, lives by this motto: Word Matter. Alex began the Car Window Poetry movement in August of 2016 and continues to grow and spread more love everyday. After college graduation, when Alex moved out to Colorado Springs, he began to feel something missing. He wasn’t near his friends, his people, and that started to take a toll on him. He knew he had to do something. So, Alex turned to finding Facebook groups in town and going to a lot of poetry events. He had never considered himself a poet, but from his hip-hop background, had a small talent to bring to the table. As more poetry arose, Alex knew he needed to make a bigger impact on humanity. That’s when it hit him, poetry on cars! Write a positive poem and leave it on a car window! Turn a place typically meant for more negative messages (we’ve all had that dreaded parking ticket!) and fill it with LOVE.


Join along as Alex sheds light on the highs and lows since beginning the Car Window Poetry movement!


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