On Love

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage…”

– Lao Tzu


Do you fear? Do you worry?


Am I doing the right thing? What do people think of me? Do they like me? Do they love me?


All of these questions strangle me. They bring pain, darkness, doubt. Doubt that I am not strong. Doubt in the real truth. They blind me from love. They tell me that they are right, and that I am them. I am afraid. I am worried. I am scared. I am nothing. I am not loved.


How do I get out of this? How did I even get into this? What is happening to me?


Darkness. They take complete control.


How do I get out? Why is nobody loving me?


But then, love. All of the fear, pain, and doubt are surrounded by love. Sometimes it is instantaneous. Other times it takes years. But, eventually, love wins.


Many times it is hard to see. Many times fear, pain, and doubt take the place of love, or at least attempt to. Sometimes it does get dark. But the space for love is always there.


Love is received, and love is given. I see it a lot. But I don’t feel it all the time. In doubt and pain and worry, where is the love?


I think that sometimes we search for love, and it is not a bad thing. It is good to seek love. However, when seeking love, I believe we must not forget that we, ourselves, also have the ability to give love.


I picture love as a bubble or sphere encapsulating our souls. I see an influx of good, truth, and love in every being. When you give me love, this sphere is created. When I give you love, this same sphere is created. This sphere of love was the original thing we were seeking in the first place, and yet we allowed it. The good, truth, and love flowing through us created it.


I pray and hold this in love to you: When I am down. When I am afraid, doubting, or in pain, I will do my best to become aware of love. To no longer feel the pain of not finding or receiving love. But to give love. To give a smile. To give a hug. A complement, a laugh, a simple acknowledgement of existence. In times of fear, doubt, or pain, I will give LOVE.


Love must be given. To receive, it must be given.


“I have nothing to give.” – Give Love.

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