A Need to Add Positive Value with David A. Volpe

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“The phrase ‘I can’t’. It drives me.”


On this week’s episode, author, David A. Volpe, drives home the message of action with a purpose. David began life with adversity, with the notion that he may just have to settle with what he was given. When he was born, David had no sight in his right eye. He was told that he would slowly lose his vision over time and he shouldn’t play any sports or participate in any activities that might damage his only good eye. Since then, David has operated with a “can do” attitude. Every obstacle, every adversity would become David’s personal challenge to overcome and beat the odds.


On this episode David dives into his personal history and gives a closer look at his book, Just a Thought. He describes the book as a personal development book that is simply “just a thought”. It is not meant to tell anyone how to live, it’s more about you and what you take away from the book. Find David’s book on Amazon!


Enjoy this part of David’s journey!


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