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From producer, to actor, to coach, to author, Benjamin Mathes is the modern day renaissance man. However, in recent years, he has truly dove into what it means to listen, what it means to be intimate. Because of this inquisition, Benjamin took a piece of cardboard, wrote ‘FREE LISTENING’, and headed to the streets. He connected with so many people on so many different levels of life. Ben says, “I had to be brought down to zero before I could figure anything out.” Take a moment out of your day to listen to someone else’s story, their journey. Take a moment to connect with Benjamin Mathes.


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    […] Benjamin Mathes, founder, started Urban Confessional as a community of artists who believe people should be heard.  Urban Confessional ‘FreeListeners’ stand on street corners all over the world with signs that say “Free Listening” – and you can imagine what happens next.  Their work has been featured in academic publications, blogs, on radio and television, most recently, in American Theatre Magazine. (Listen to Benjamin’s Story here.) […]

    1 week ago

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