Living with No Regrets with Bobby Leonard

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“You don’t need to do anything huge to appreciate what you have in the moment.”


On this special episode, Bobby Leonard stops by to share his journey traveling from coast to coast on a road bike. A few months ago Bobby embarked on an adventure from Yorktown, Virginia. He set off on his old trusty road bike en route to the fringes of the Pacific Ocean (well, really, Astoria, Oregon). Over a trek of 4,500 miles (on the dot!), 2.5 months of riding, and many connections made, Bobby found that focusing on the present day, the present moment, was all he could do to keep going. He faced many lonely days, tough hill climbs, and a decent amount of headwinds in Wyoming. However, Bobby overcame the everyday adversity with his undying pursuit to live a life of no regrets.

Enjoy this part of Bobby’s journey!


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