Living in this Moment with Blue Benadum

We’re all teachers, we’re all students. Wisdom is knowing which side to be on in which moment.”


As humans, we are animals innately drawn to movement. In today’s day and age, functional movement can be put to the wayside. Social media becoming the hub for connection, collaboration, and learning. However, what happened to breaking it back down to where we evolved from? How we move, connect, and live our lives has to be more important than how others perceive us. Right?


You are the man with the most energy.”


At Run with the Lab, Coach Blue Benadum takes you, as an individual, to the intersection of science and nature. Coach Blue began his running career enjoying the mountains of Colorado with his dog. No set time. No set pace. Just his body and the nature around him. So, later in his twenties when movement became more of a study as much as it was a practice, Coach Blue took to absorbing as much knowledge as he could.


Finding purpose is finding what you want in life and being present in that.”


Although Coach Blue didn’t run competitively his whole life, he has always taken a more human approach to the mechanics of running. In fact, his relationship with his father taught him that life was just as much about making the best of each moment as it was about the mechanics of it all. Coach Blue loves to take the knowledge he gains in running and in life and share it with others through his coaching with Run with the Lab and Nike.


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Enjoy Blue’s journey and listen in while he covers a reggae inspiration, not training for his first marathon, and how living in the moment brings him the most joy. Also, check out the cameo from Coach JJ as he prepares for the HURT 100.


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