LIVE A GREAT STORY with Zach Horvath

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On this week’s episode I had the pleasure of chatting and connecting with Zach Horvath, founder of LIVE A GREAT STORY. Part of Zach’s story started in college, like most other young adults, not quite sure what he wanted to do. He always found himself in some sort of creative or entrepreneurial endeavor, but never knew which way to go. In his early 20’s, Zach found opportunity in buying a 1-way plane ticket to Europe. This 1 month trip ended up extending much longer until Zach had visited 17 countries and 50 cities in total.


LIVE A GREAT STORY was born on this trip. Through Zach’s journey and travels, he found himself asking, “If my life was a book, would anyone read it?” Through his own personal pursuit to LIVE the best story he could, he formed LIVE A GREAT STORY, a media brand focused on building a community of inspiration through media, products and events. Zach and the LIVE brand continue to inspire all ages across the world to stay true to their story and LIVE the best life possible. Enjoy Zach’s journey!


Connect with Zach and LIVE:


IG: @liveagreatstory


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