Leaving the World a Better Place with Roy Whitten

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Some people believe they are lucky. I believe these kinds of people are also very good at putting themselves in the right place at the right time. Roy Whitten is more than lucky for where he is today. As the co-director of Whitten & Roy Partnership, Roy takes his experience and education in sales, psychology, business, and even theology directly into the field. From studying with Jack Kornfield, the man who brought Buddhism to America, to traveling the world, Roy continues to learn how to make the world better. His work is eye-opening and truly transformational. He has had the privilege of mentoring over 100,000 people and was kind enough to share his WHY.
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4 Responses to “Leaving the World a Better Place with Roy Whitten

  • I am glad to have been a participant in WRP’s sales and management training sessions and mentorship program. I was truly enlightened.

    Thanks Roy Whitten and Scot Roy

  • Awesome. Way to grow.

  • Johanna Wright
    2 years ago

    Loved every word of this inspiring conversation Roy. Thanks for the reminder! You were a huge catalyst in my personal development. Something which sustains me still today.

    Johanna Wright

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