Bring Depression 2 Extinction with Jeff Jackson

“Mindfulness. Movement. Connection. They’re the pillars of who I am today.”


From successful business to successful business, this week’s guest seemed to have it all. However, overweight, a drinker and heavy smoker, not to mention on his third marriage, Jeff Jackson (JJ) was far from having a peace of mind. Through all of his life’s hardships, he suffered from bouts of depression. Which is why he is now on a mission, with his newest business, CURO Coaching Solutions, to bring Depression 2 Extinction. Through running (movement), meditation (mindfulness) and love for his family/friends (connection), JJ has become more aware of life in it’s present moment. He is currently using this model to fuel his running, business, and non-profit.


Enjoy the beauty of JJ’s journey!


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^^^^Looking to donate to a great cause or become an Everyday Ambassador Athlete? Check out Depression 2 Extinction!

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