Internal Peace with Rachel Rubin

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“Everything’s going to be okay. You’re doing the best you can.”

Rachel Rubin’s journey into fitness evolved from society telling her to “be the perfect size for her wedding dress” to coaching, training, and helping people create an internal sense of self. In her own internal transformation, she has come to the place of being a transformation coach. Rachel saw a problem with the way people, women specifically, looked at fitness. Why get fit? To look good for someone else? To be able to fit in your wedding dress? How about to become more mindful and find peace? This became Rachel’s mission a few years ago, to shift people’s perspectives on the WHY behind their fitness.


On this episode, Rachel and I dive into her transformation, what balance and co-creation feel like, and her BIG community event: Rise Gatherings. Enjoy Rachel’s journey!



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Instagram: @fitwithrachel


Rise Gatherings:

One Response to “Internal Peace with Rachel Rubin

  • randi alderson
    10 months ago

    Im intrigued by your new journey…interested in what its all about.

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