The HURT 100: JJ’s Race Recap



So, last week we were graced by Coach Blue Benadum and Coach JJ talking about Blue’s journey. We also touched a little bit on Coach JJ’s race, the HURT 100. You can listen to that episode here.


This week, on d2e’s YouTube LIVE show: Into the Roar, Coach Luke and Coach JJ dove back into JJ’s race experience. JJ shared his toughest trials and tribulations, his highs, and what it meant to have his ohana there to support him.


The HURT 100 is a monster of a race. As ultra marathon legend Luis Escobar put it, it will chew you up and spit you out. Typically only 42% of the 129 racers even finish the lofty 100 miles. It was also JJ’s first ultramarathon. In fact, it was his first race over 5k. Yeah, big jump, I know. But, he went after it anyway.


Listen in to hear his experience in completing almost 3.5 loops.


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