Honoring my True Self with Ned Specktor

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On this week’s episode, Ned Specktor spat some straight up wisdom. As a former sports agent, music agent, and manager of stars like The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, Ned Specktor has sought to live through positivity. He is so passionate about this that he decided to start a platform to inspire. As Ned starts his new company, Happy Monday Co., he is still striving to provide as much authentic and vulnerable motivation through as many social platforms as possible. Most notable is his Instagram account: @nedspecktor. He consistently shares his own experiences, both positive and negative, to share lessons learned and life tools gained. As you listen right now, Ned is working on his newest passion project, The Life Party. If you’re into music, motivation, and fun, then this will be an event for you.


Enjoy Ned’s energy and journey!


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