Minimalism with Hannah Cole

It takes a lot of asking: ‘Why am I doing this?’”


Have you ever just done something without thinking much of it? Maybe a habit of yours or an activity your parents put you in when you were a kid. Sometimes this is the only goal we think about and seek to achieve. But what happens when that goal loses its luster?


It was the process of letting myself that wasn’t me anymore go, and saying ‘It’s okay’.”


Hannah Cole spent most of her childhood playing the violin. She was so good, that by 16 she got into a top music school, Curtis Institute of Music. Violin was her life. However, when she got married and had her two children, the violin showed up less. Without thinking much of it at the time, she carried on her life with family.


I started to listen to little voices, little angels, saying this feels warm, this feels right.”


Minimalism was Hannah’s rebirth. After spending time with her grandfather on his deathbed, she made the conscious decision to live life with the only things that truly matter; experiences, love, and connection.


The WHY // Minimalism: Living a Conscious Life


Join Hannah’s journey as she dives into her rebirthing, spirituality, her WHY, and what she would say to her younger self.

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