You are the Source with Lyonzo Vargas

This week, Lyonzo Vargas shares his story behind building the Global Village brand.


Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is what life’s all about.


From the inside, our world may seem great. We may have our health, family, and community. We may have troubles every once in awhile, but for the most part, everything is pretty good. However, we also may not know what those coming from the outside are experiencing. How, while in a tight nit community, they feel isolated.


Of Honduran descent, Lyonzo Vargas was born and spent his childhood in Bronx, NY. He spoke spanish, hung with the black community, and never fit in. He found himself being discriminated for being too black for the hispanic community and too hispanic for the black community. His identity was in flux.


It all came to a head when Lyonzo visited the place where his family originated. In Honduras, he experienced what it truly meant to live in community. To embrace the diversity within. He left that trip with a new mission: bring diverse backgrounds together to create community.


This whole world operates as we come together.


The WHY // You are the Source +connect to God within+

Join Lyonzo’s journey as he dives into diversity, community, and his own spiritual connection.


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