Finding Hope with Mary Miller

Finding your journey can be very difficult when society wants you to follow their path. As a young adult, Mary Miller, was raised to be someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, and someone’s mother. When she was able to make the leap to go back to college late in her life, against her family and society’s view, she realized that she is her own person. She “broke the rules” and went against what our culture and our society expected of her to build her own self-care so that she could take better care of others. As she continues to surpass the norm, Mary seeks to bring social justice to this world by listening to people’s stories.

Listen to hear how Mary connects with herself and others.

Growth Opportunity Center:

Gloria Dei Church:

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  • Thank you for this!! I love that Mary broke through those strong cultural barriers and is helping people speak about their lives, encouraging people to create safe spaces where real life stories can be told. Thank you!!

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