Deep Faith with Gabriel Nyantakyi

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Gabe is an unconventional, unsung hero. He doesn’t wear a cape and isn’t raved about on the big screen. However, Gabe finds small ways to teach and educate today’s youth. Gabriel was born in Philadelphia but spent a lot of his childhood moving to places like North Carolina and Jamaica. During that time, he felt like an outsider, living with one parent and away from most friends and family. Life wasn’t normal for him. As time passed, Gabriel found meaning in helping children. On a trip to get away from it all in Turkey, Gabriel saw hope in an unconventional way. He offered young Syrian Refugees water guns as a reminder to play, have fun, and be youthful. These guns represented a salvation, not war. As Gabriel prepares his next trip to Turkey to bring more water guns, he feels excited to act in ways that are organic and ways that make him grow as a person.


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