Create a System that’s Better for Humans with Darshan Sanghrajka

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“The secret of life is people, connecting with loads and loads of people.” On this episode, founder of Super Being Labs, Darshan Sanghrajka, takes us into his business and the motivation behind their social good projects. As a kid, Darshan knew there was a bigger picture benefit in connecting with others. One of his first social good endeavors involved Darshan creating an anti-bullying club in grade school. He went on to find a deeper love and drive to do more good for this world through his company, Super Being Labs. As a media agency, they wanted to use their creative skills to positively impact the world. They work hard to create a space of cohesion and trust with the companies and clients they work with. Most recently, the team at Super Being Labs launched one of their most purposeful projects to date. Their newest project, Being ManKind, aims to share stories to inspire and educate young boys to become more of themselves through book form. The first volume is being funded through kickstarter (donate through the link below!)


Enjoy Darshan’s journey!


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