Dare to Joy with Kelsey Joy

This week, Kelsey Joy Gryniewicz shares her journey on Daring to Joy.


It’s part of the process: ‘I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing.”


Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and thought they were doing it so well, they’re perfect! If you took a snapshot of Kelsey’s life during high school, you might have thought this. She was captain of cheerleading, had a great boyfriend, and was living the high school dream. However, not everything was as great as it seemed.


At home, Kelsey’s parents were going through a divorce and she was hiding an eating disorder. She thought that the goal was to be happy. That meant always put on a smiling face or if you’re feeling down, fill it with something else that felt good. It wasn’t until Kelsey sought help from a therapist that she realized her perception of happiness was not reality.


Kelsey shares how these pieces of her life led her to become a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Life Coach on a mission to help others play big. Playing big can be hard, it can be scary. That’s why Kelsey has created Dare to Joy and is striving to help others become their ideal selves.


When you can go through the process of accepting yourself, you can accept others.”


The WHY // Dare to Joy


Join Kelsey’s journey as she dives into stress management, finding courage, and daring to joy.


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