Because I Can. Because I Am. with Daniel Scott

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We are always learning. From the corporate world to the yoga world, yogi Daniel Scott is living to learn and has spent many years teaching and improving his craft. Daniel has taught yoga and acro yoga worldwide but is dedicated to sharing in the journey from self-conscious to self-aware. Like almost everyone, Daniel has had moments of doubt, but he continues to learn and grow as he feels the flow of his next endeavor, Yoga of Trust. Daniel gets real with us, and I thank him for that. Enjoy part of Daniel’s journey!


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2 Responses to “Because I Can. Because I Am. with Daniel Scott

  • Cassandra Hall
    1 year ago

    On Dec 13, 2016, at 2:42 PM, Cassandra Hall wrote:

    How we people can be connected from afar is amazing. I feel you Daniel, and you know what?? You rock. You inspire me. I attended Daniel’s first Yoga of Trust training in Austin, TX, February 2016. I can tell you that almost one year later, I am still learning from it. This is not a training of information being offered as you study it and regurgitate. (Although Daniel and his team offer lots of experience and knowledge) It is a training where you learn about the things that may have been holding you back from trusting yourself. You may not even realize that you dont trust yourself. And by doing this, we can then gradually build whatever it is we are sharing as “teachers.” Just yesterday I was sitting with an Acroyoga friend and talking about my experience in the “Yoga of Trust Training” and how authenticity is everything in teaching. Every time I teach now I remind myself that as long as people can feel my personality and intentions for them to connect with themselves, (and at times other people). Just yesterday, I told my friend about the coined Daniel questions that are always in my head whatever it is that I am doing, … “ What are you doing, where is it going, and how does it feel…” Take it as simply and directly, or as extensively as you want. It reminds us to always stop and ask yourself what you are working towards (if anything!) and HOW DOES IT FEEL! Because we do need direction, but we also need to FEEL the route we take to get there, because really the road never ends. I love you D, and to anyone who is interested in the Yoga of Trust, no matter what you teach or what “level’ yoga you teach, ask me. Oh yea and theres acroyoga. Three words for you. FOUNDATION BEFORE DECORATION. Its authentic. Get real.

    Thanks for the podcast, I am a horrible reader and hearing someone speak gets the point across so much better. Especially Daniel.

    • Cassandra! What a beautifully authentic response! Thank you for sharing your experience and just being you!

      Much love!

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