Creating Humor with Nathan Barnatt

To top off my trip to LA I had the opportunity to sit down with comedian Nathan Barnatt. Nathan is most well known for his hilarious YouTube videos, but is really striving to make people laugh in any form possible. Nathan has appeared on many TV shows, performed stand-up comedy, and is currently working on his own comedic projects.

He is an insightful man putting in the hard work it takes to make it as a comedian. I had a blast getting to know him. Enjoy our conversation!

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One Response to “Creating Humor with Nathan Barnatt

  • Mom Barnatt
    2 years ago

    Hey There! It’s MOM!!!!! Loved the interview! I haven’t stopped crying with joy since we listened to Nathan’s comments on who he would thank! Send money for kleenex! He’s been funny since he was in the crib! I have always known he would be a huge world known comedian! Now it’s time for the world to embrace him!Now somebody open the bloody door for Nathan Barnatt already!!!!!

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