Life is Worth Competing For with Jake Thompson

On this week’s episode, Jake Thompson stops by to share about his journey to Compete Every Day.


Your circumstances don’t dictate your response, growth, or attitude. You do.”


Life can be tough. Life can also be amazing. We can be have the job of our dreams, financially doing well, and overall just loving life. And then we realize we aren’t fulfilled. That big job, that awesome house, whatever it is, it isn’t for us. It isn’t fulfilling.


In 2010, Jake Thompson had this realization about his own life. That he wasn’t intentionally living with a story. He was just going through the motions. From this understanding, a change was made and Compete Every Day was born. It began with a mission to encourage people that life is worth competing for. That living and putting in the work to have a fulfilled, purposeful life was worth it.


It’s only about me vs. me.”


The WHY // Life is Worth Competing For


Join Jake’s journey as he dives into how Compete was birthed, mindset, his WHY, and what he would say to his younger self.


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