Celebrate Uniqueness with Christopher Swan


Celebrate Uniqueness. I think different is better.”


Life is truly a journey. Many of us find ourselves searching for more meaning, connection, or experiences. Throughout the millions of little moments that make up our journeys, some of us find struggle, confusion, failure, or, if we’re lucky, success. But isn’t that what it’s all about? Ray Bradbury writes, “Life is about trying things to see if it works.”


I wanted this to really be about the life that you love.”


Driven by curiosity, Christopher Swan was always seeking out new stories to share and tell. Always interested in creativity, art, and the small blessings hidden within someone else’s journey, Christopher began a blog: Accidental Information. For years this blog was simply a space to share his creative perspective and new ideas. However, after years of living the corporate life, for companies like Walt Disney Company and LinkedIn, Christopher felt drawn to telling his own story in a new way. Enter: My Big Story.

Christopher and My Big Story guest Natalie Patterson

You can’t be as authentic in your life unless you really be yourself and I think ‘yourself’ is your uniqueness.”


Christopher has molded Accidental Information into the hub for his podcast My Big Story and will be expanding to new vehicles to tell stories in 2018. As a Curious Storyteller and Explorer, Christopher is driven by the uniqueness in every individual he connects with. Part of his uniqueness he continues to celebrate is seeded in his pursuit to find inspiration in unexpected places.

Christopher and My Big Story guest Daniel Trust


The WHY // Help others discover and celebrate themselves


Join Christopher along for the ride as he discusses his exit from corporate, his journey of discovery, and his upcoming season of My Big Story!


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