Because People Matter with Briggy Kiddle

This week’s episode is another fantastic conversation with the Whitten and Roy Partnership team. If you were around a year ago, you might recall conversations with Scott Roy and Roy Whitten (the CEOs of WRP). We have now joined up for a special collaboration to bring you the stories and journeys of the humans that make up their company.


She goes where others stop. She goes ahead.”

One might imagine post WWII Germany to be a tough place to grow up in. Even 10+ years after the war Germany was feeling Hitler’s repercussions. However, while many look at this time as dark, there proved to be some light. Growing up in this environment, young Briggy Kiddle learned to be the light in the darkness.


Even in the dark I’ll find a way forwards.”


Briggy Kiddle is a Consultant Development Specialist for WRP and a Peak Performance Consultant. Having worked with premiership football players, stakeholders in Beirut, and several organizations operating in the developing world, Briggy has gifted her childhood bravery to the world. She has no fear and see’s trouble as an opportunity for positive change.


Through her faith in herself and the world, Briggy continues to help others reach their peak performance in life, work, and spirituality. She has a strong belief in the fact that it all matters; you matter, this planet matters. Briggy will leave you feeling more connected than ever.


The WHY // Because People Matter


Join Briggy’s journey as she dives into how her bravery, living with no fear, and being the light in the darkness.


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