My Best Shot to Improve the World with Curtis Childs

From shooting for the NBA to yearning to study the way animals work, Curtis Childs is big on giving back. Curtis currently works with a non-profit, The Swedenborg Foundation, creating videos to help translate the works of Swedenborg (a 17th century philosopher and theologian) into a more modern context. He is currently finding a lot of purpose in helping others and fixing the human heart. Overall, no matter what he is doing, Curtis looks to improve this world, starting with people.


Enjoy Curtis’ journey.


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4 Responses to “My Best Shot to Improve the World with Curtis Childs

  • Terry W Anderson
    2 years ago

    Im a big fan of Curtis and his work. When I stumbled across Swedenborg, I didn’t realize what a treasure it was. I’ve often wondered if there is another Swedenborg out there now. I see the collective NDE literature as being akin to Swedenborg.

    • Curtis certainly knows his stuff and is able to connect Swedenborg’s works to our daily life. Thanks for stopping by, Terry! Cheers!

  • Barbara
    2 years ago

    Thanks for this interview! I found Off The Left Eye last week and I can’t get enough of it! It’s great to have an expanded community on demand to pounder deep Spiritual truths with. I had never heard of Swedenborg before these You Tube shows. As a seeker, I have been fortunate to have my path incorporate many mystical experiences and connections with non-physical. It is expanding to hear of the direct experiences Swedenborg chronicled.
    Curtis is an enthusiastic an extremely knowledgeable host. I was so happy to find that Off the Left Eye is still producing new shows. I happened on ones from 2011 & 2014 first.
    Many thanks to Curtis for choosing this vehicle for improving the world!

    • He has such a great perspective and insight on life. So glad you enjoyed this talk and glad you found OffTheLeftEye! Exciting! Thanks, Barbara!

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