Balance and Clarity in Sharing our Story


Hey, if you’re a young adult and recently graduated or about to graduate or are just living life for that matter, I just want to say, I’m with you. Look, life is hard.


We leave this world of school, structure, and certainty to jump into a world of foggy uncertainty. We have loans, relationships, jobs, rent, and the everyday stressors of life to manage. I’m raising my hand to say you’re not alone.


I have school debt. I have bills. I currently live at home with 6 of my 8 siblings. I also have big dreams. A life I AM going to live. But, I’ve struggled a lot recently with beginning a career, trying to find odd jobs to begin payments, worrying about what others think of me, juggling to live my dreams now, and just going through “adult” life stress in general. But I’m here to say, me too, I’m here with you.


Clarity of our path, our purpose, can be a difficult journey in and of itself. With society the way it is today, we spend too much time putting people on a pedestal. Seeing names up in lights, but forgetting the grind and dirt they went through to get there. We don’t all have to be Oprah or Tony Robbins, but we are still on the same journey to find our own purpose.


Why do I share this with you? Sharing our struggles, our successes with each other doesn’t take away the pain, the struggle, or even the glory. However sharing these experiences with each other balances the playing field. Having utter patience and understanding that we do have time. Understanding that we may have to work different jobs just to feel fiscally empowered and free. Taking time to relieve the pain we go through to simply hear someone else say, “me too” somehow creates balance in our own souls. It shows me that we’re all human, going through the same ups and downs and we’re in this together.


So, don’t hold in that pain. Talk to someone, talk to me (my door is always open), write it down. You never know where a new connection could lead. Because the closer we are to clarity and balance, the closer we are to living our WHY.


Much love!


– LF


Artwork: @amberellaxo

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