What is The WHY Blog? The WHY Blog is a collection of stories, journeys, and WHYs collaborating over a lifetime of experiences. Each Wednesday, you'll have the opportunity to listen to a story, and experience life's journey through another's eyes. Blog? Well, that’s more of a guideline. The WHY Blog is a blog because it’s a collection of stories. It just happens to be collected in podcast and video form, through word of mouth.


Prior to each conversation, I will also share a focus of the week. I pose a question that will hopefully allow you to think about life a little differently. Feel free to answer the question to yourself, to your friends, with #thewhyblog, or in any comments. I will even have the guest answer the question each week!


When it comes down to it, we all have a story. We all have value that we can share with others. That value is our own WHY, our own meaning or purpose in life. As you hear the journeys from all of the guests, take a second to reflect on your own life. Use this moment to see what brings you most alive.


New topics, questions, and journeys will be shared each week. As it comes to you, comment and share in the experience. Feel free to use #thewhyblog to continue the conversation and spread the message!

About Luke:

Luke Frazier | Philadelphia Marathon 2015

Luke Frazier | Philadelphia Marathon 2015

During college, I began really wondering what I wanted to do with my life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Or even simpler than that; how will I make a living?! To get a better understanding of who I actually was, I began talking to my peers and others around me to figure out what they were doing. The one thing I found was common throughout was that no one actually knew what they “wanted to be when they grew up.”


Through this inquisition, The WHY Blog was born and the questioning has only gotten more specific and more real.


As I continue my own journey, my BIG goal is to motivate both the young and the old to find the things they love and to pursue them! I strive to dive into the areas of life that truly bring me alive and make me the most happy. Right now, sharing stories, WHYs, and dreams to help others find their own WHY is bringing me alive.


On this journey I find myself realizing that we always have a choice in any situation. It is our perception of the situation that makes it either “bad” or “good”. My choice is to provide good content and have good conversations that will add value to your life.


Enjoy, and please, share in the conversation.


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