A Journey to the Source with Dillon Barr

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Reminiscing with old friends is as easy as riding a bike after a long time of not riding. Talking with Dillon Barr has always motivated me and it was wonderful to hear how he is impacting the rest of the world. Dillon is a humble mentor with varied sales and communication experience from selling books door to door with Southwestern Advantage, to teaching NGOs and Social Enterprises such as PT Ruma in Indonesia with Whitten and Roy Partnership, a sales consulting firm in both the commercial and developing worlds. He is an exceptional human being, searching for happiness in others and on a mission to find the source of that joy.

Enjoy our conversation and Dillon’s wisdom above.


2 Responses to “A Journey to the Source with Dillon Barr

  • Grandma (other one)
    2 years ago

    Wow, Dillon, I m impressed! I learned more about what you do listening to this interview, I came across it inadvertently, glad I did.

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