10,000 Friends with Rob Lawless

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For the first guest back on The WHY Blog in awhile, Rob Lawless is a man truly living his WHY. After graduating from Penn State and getting a few different jobs in the financial world, Rob felt something missing from his life. He didn’t feel as connected to the individuals around him in Philadelphia. So, he set a goal to sit down with 10,000 people for an hour each. He simply wants to connect with more people, no expectations, just a conversation and connection. Rob documents his journey through @robs10kfriends. Send him a message and meet this amazing individual!


Follow Rob’s Journey!

Instagram: @robs10kfriends

Facebook: www.facebook.com/robs10kfriends/

Website: http://www.robs10kfriends.com/


Link to Vlog featuring Rob: https://youtu.be/CLLQ73QFboI

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